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Dear Concerned Parents...

You are all going off the deep end with worry about your children experiencing the WHOOPING COUGH...

There is no guarantee that a vaccine for Pertussis will prevent your child from having a bout of Whooping cough.. The is a larger chance that your child will suffer BRAIN DAMAGE from the Vaccine then from experiencing a bout of the disease.

Spend you time learning homeopathy and herbs that will aid your family to be healthy without the uses of PEDIATRICIANS.. Find a good homeopath.. They do have to be in your area... but they need to be accessible by phone at any time that the need arises. I have treated several children for whooping cough that I have never even seen. A good homeopath can either hear the cough or get a good description from the parents are to how the child is acting during the coughing bouts and how they appear during these spells.. This is the important part. Homeopathy can cut time frame that the whooping cough is experienced in half.. Most of the time the coughing spells last from 5 to 7 weeks. I have dealt with infant babies that got the whooping cough from their first DPT injection and their cough and mucus building in the throat lasted only 3 weeks. I quicker that the homeopathy is used at the first symptom the shorter the whooping cough will last. But understand that there have been thousands of kids that got through the whooping cough without homeopathy also.. Homeopathy just makes the experience easier to deal with then without it. I am 51 years old.. I have several cousins who are much older then myself.. in their 60's and 70's who got through the whooping cough as children, without any side effects. Their "eyes were not permanently crossed"... they did not have some brain damage due to "loss of oxygen"... They did not have lung problems... nor learning disabilities, nor ADHD... they didn't think of killing their classmates because they made fun of them not being able to read or for not wearing the "properly accepted have the right video games"... whatever....

Why are all of you worrying about finding a pediatrician/physician/allopath? You do not need to have these physicians unless you wish to vaccinate your child... I don't recall having any pediatrician when I was a kid.. How do you think that your parents got through their childhood to become old enough to give birth to you? Come now... do you think you were the only ones to raise children. PEDIATRICIANS were invented in order to get VACCINATIONS into children.. Well-Baby visits are scheduled to GIVE YOU BABIES VACCINES.... no other reason.. Do you not believe that you will find a correct physician if you or your child becomes injured or ill? Know this,... when you go into the emergency room at a hospital there will be physicians there to treat you. They will find the proper specialists to deal with whatever situation will arise.. Your hospitalization will pay for it... or you will be given all the time in the world to pay off the bill at $5 or $10 per month... Please stop worrying about things that are not present. Keep your kids healthy with good foods ....vegetables that are organic should be your quest for the daily meals. Find methods of healthy living that will keep molds from your homes.. Use baking soda and vinegar, Castile Soap and other natural products to clean your homes rather then the latest chemicals from DOW or Johnson & Johnson.

Think about it... These "physicians" are FORCING you to vaccinate your babies while they are ill with runny noses or coughs saying that it is "OKAY"... saying that, "Nothing will happen to your child(ren) if they are inoculated with a dead or a live virus vaccine while they are not feeling well to begin with.. This information is totally against the package insert information under "contraindications". You wish to TRUST these folks...? Wake up.

Worry about the things that need to be worried about... Make a healthy meal for your family tonight.. Begin with Whole GRAINS...millet, buckwheat, short grained brown rice... barley... Then cook a soup or stew of any or all of the following vegetables: squash, turnips, parsnips, Kohlrabi, rutabaga, green beans, asparagus, KALE, Collards... Red onions, red cabbage... broccoli, GARLIC...celery..add. Hot peppers. Use herbs such as Basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender Mint, lemon grass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, tarragon, curry, cayenne.. These are foods that prevent disease and aid in healing.. Eat them often..... Avoid all of the meats that you are currently eating.. Read any info from Hanna Kroeger and get the book "Healing with Whole Food" by Paul Pitchford.

Recently I heard on the news that researchers have found that GREEN TEA prevents HIV from sticking in the system... Eat foods that are high in antioxidants.. Such as berries, almonds, the pith on the inside of the rind of oranges...

Practice YOGA and ChiKung... or QiGong. As I was beginning this posting to you I had seen a report on my local noon TV news about Tai Chi. It seems that a recent study shows that practicing Tai Chi or QiGong aids the body to integrate nerve impulses. MS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease patients are benefiting highly from these slow, deliberate, meditative motions... Nerve impulses aid the brain cells to fire in proper sequence. This aids in memory retention and abstract thinking as well as, longevity and reversing the aging process. It aids in the antioxidant production for the cells

Theses are the things to involve yourself in daily.. Teach your children WELL... They will be teaching and caring for your grandchildren. This is the direction that you need to be thinking

Have a nice day folks... . Get outside and walk with you kids... Get them away from the TV and the videos and the video games. Get a herbal book that shows photos or pictures of herbs.. Have a game of identifying them in your yard or in the woods behind your homes.. or at the park or near the pond or lake... Bird watch with you kids. Learn what birds of your region eat. Many berries and seeds that they eat are also beneficial for us.

Teach them to cook healthy foods. Gather dandelion roots to roast them and make a tea of them with lemon balm and Echinacea as the beverage of the day. Get you kids to like herbal teas.. Comfrey leaves, Red Clover tops, lavender mint, Elecampane root great for the blood and the lungs...

I hope that I have given you all something more to think about in a positive manner. Stop worrying about diseases that will only benefit the pediatricians by frightening you to vaccinate your kids.

Bless you all,

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